Are Waist Trainers Safe?

are waist trainers safeThe trend of using waist trainers has returned and many women vouch for the benefits they have gotten after the waist training. But you might be wondering : Are waist trainers safe ? According to health & medical professionals, such constraining garments must be worn for minimum durations because of those reasons :

1.While wearing a corset or cincher, you put a lot of strain on your waist and it actually pressurizes the upper layers of your body by clasping the underlying organs to shrink from their natural structure. Such stressful garments, if not worn carefully, may result in deformation of your posture.

2.It can also put a reverse effect on your abdomen and digestive system as well as the rib bones. You may occasionally feel constipated accompanied by poor digestion and heartburn in some rare cases.

3.A pressure on your ribs may reduce the inter-rib gaps, but are you ready to bear the excessive pressure on your lungs? Your lungs may not get enough space to expand for proper breathing. You know what happens when you don’t breathe properly? It can result in breathlessness and also increases the chances of frequent dizziness due to lack of sufficient blood supply and oxygen supply to the body and brain.

Using waist trainers for really long durations might result in hurting your sensitive skin around abdominal areas , that can also be accompanied by mild to chronic pain.

A Few Waist Training Suggestions

It is commonly said -“No pain, No gain”. But when the pain exceeds your ability to bear it, the best way is to understand the things that convert a pain into a gain. So here are some suggestions that can help you to effectively use the waist cinchers :

1. You might feel hungrier and may tend to eat more than you actually need when removing your waist trainer.

2.It is recommended to keep an eye on your workouts and diet as well  while doing waist training .

3.Wear corsets when it is absolutely necessary. Do not wear them for a whole day,that way your body will have time to relax & recover .

4.You may get tempted to wear the waist trainer while sleeping too. This is not recommended. It is better to wear it while you are awake and doing your work.

5.You  must remember to tighten the corset only up to the level it is comfortable.

Final Words

Everything comes with its positives and negatives. So the onus of using waist trainers to reap positive results lies on you and yes waist training is totally safe if done the right way. Either way if you plan to start waist training make sure to consult with a physician first. A lot of users have shared their unbiased reviews on amazon so make sure to read them as well when it comes to the safeness of waist training.

Reference : livestrong