PLAYGIRL LABEL Strong Steel Boned Waist Trainer Review

Trying too hard to lose unwanted belly fat and not getting the desired results? You may not realize, but if you notice a celebrity closely, you will find that the reason for her slim waistline and confident, elegant, sensual looks, is the bust shaper corset she is wearing under her dress. Playgirl label strong boned shaper corset has been the cause behind the sexy looks of many models and actresses. It is one of the best-selling waist trainers and is perfect for any woman, no matter of the size.playgirl label

PLAYGIRL LABEL Strong Steel Boned Waist Reducing Trainer | Features

Sturdy Construction

This corset consists of 10 bones made up of high density steel, providing the required strength and stability to the corset. Out of 10 bones, 6 are is spiral form and the rest 4 are flat shaped, all crafted intelligently to deliver an instant reduction in the waist, of any size.

High quality fabric

The fabric used is “taffeta”, known to be a high end fabric. The taffeta cloth is further toughened with fused cloth to stabilize the panel areas. The lining is made up of 100% 3-layered cotton for comfort. The perfect composition of fabric is responsible for the quick fat reduction and posture enhancement.

Easy return policy

In most cases we have the advantage of trying/changing the clothes when we buy from a physical store. Playgirl London has a guaranteed 30 days return/change policy. Yes, Playgirl is giving you 30-days UNLIMITED returns and exchanges and if you are not satisfied with the corset, you have the liberty to get refunds within 30 days.

Advantages of PLAYGIRL LABEL

Playgirl’s strong steel shaper corset scores well when it comes to fitting, the ease of putting up and the amazing wear feeling. The suction from midsection is absolutely rapid and accurate when it comes to which sections to target. The customer service of Playgirl London is top-class when it comes to the world of fashion and style. They offer prompt service, detailed guidance and easy refund policies. Considering the high quality of this corset, Playgirl London has fairly priced it over its competitors. The corset works fine, no matter of thebody sizes and is suitable for a wide range of heights. To ensure tighter cinching, durable and strong laces are provided for better control.


Since its inception in early 1900, Playgirl London is dedicated to manufacturing high-quality corsets.  Out of 500 customer reviews on Amazon, more than 90% have are above 4.5 ratings. We highly recommend this durable and sturdy, yet comfortable shape wear from Playgirl London.