How To Properly Clean Your Waist Trainer

Waist trainers are an essential part of shaping your waist. They provide support and compression at the same time. But in order to keep them as a part of your daily routine, you must keep them clean . In this article, I will walk you through some easy and quick ways to clean your waist trainer.

There are three important things you must remember when it comes to cleaning your waist trainer:

  1. Do not use a sponge to clean the waist trainer. Using a sponge to clean latex will result in damage to the garment. Instead of a sponge, use a soft towel.
  2. Do not machine wash your waist trainer,since most waist trainers have latex. Machine washing latex will cause it to melt and it will ruin the product.
  3. Make sure you dry the waist trainer completely. Water can destroy the latex if it is not dried properly.

How To Properly Clean Your Waist Trainer

 To properly clean your waist trainer, you must get a bowl of hot or warm water, shampoo/soft soap and a towel. Put a small amount of water and a couple drops of soap on your towel, then gently rub the towel onto the latex to clean it. It is important that once you have finished cleaning the waist trainer, it is properly dried. To help the drying process, you can take a dry towel and wipe the waist trainer down. You can even take a blow dryer, on the lowest settings, and lightly blow dry the waist trainer. No matter what, do not fold the waist trainer up and store it before it is dry.

Make sure your waist trainer does not come in contact with any other clothes while it is drying, as it may stain them. Latex can also discolor if it is in contact with sunlight for long periods of time, so make sure to store the waist trainer in a darker area. Allow your waist trainer to dry completely flat and do not wring it dry, as it can damage the structure. Do not bend your waist trainer in another position besides the one it is supposed to be in. It may result in your waist trainer not fitting properly any longer.

We all love our waist trainers, but it is crucial to keep them clean. They absorb our sweats and toxins on daily basis and over time, these sweats and toxins do become smelly and unpleasant. It is also best for our skin to keep the waist trainers clean, seeing as how the cleaner the surface, the less likely it is to give you acne or oily skin. Just remember, only hand wash the waist trainers and do not toss them into the dryer.